I was born on 27 March 1978 but, My second birthday is 8 May 2009.


That is the day that I finish learning how to walk again. That was my biggest victory in my whole life. I was in many competitive sports and there was no fight like this one.

That was an agony.

I couldn’t move anything but eyelashes. There was one nurse always close to me. to turn me from side to side. To feed me, and change my clothes when it dirty.

No therapist for me. But my wife and myself started to exercise on our own. And 10 days after I couldĀ  move my hands. That was our first victory.

I was talking to my hands during that time.

“Move please, Move.” And I was trying to move but my hands were so heavy and when I finally did it I was happy. My wife was happy.

So same was with legs. First, I tried to move my toes. When I succeed, turn was on my joints.

And after two months I was walking again. true, with my stick but walking :).

This was beginning of my fight for normal life.




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