Today will be a good day

This is my mourning Mantra.

And, it is always good day. Even better. Every day is perfect.

I do have pain. I do have problems with my hands and legs. I do have problem with insurance.

But bigger than these problems i that I don’t have problem with myself.

Everythibg is up to me.

If I want to see only problems, I can do that.

But, if I want to see just a beautifull side of life, I can see that also.

And I’m looking on bight side of life.

I have a beautiful family. I’m happy with my wife. I’m walking again.

This is nice picture. And you know what.

Mantra helps

but dedication to something is helping even more

Just try it

Best Regards



2 thoughts on “Today will be a good day

  1. Hi Z,
    Thanks for you vote on my post today.

    I love the title of your post. Proclaiming today will be a good day is a great way to start a new day.

    I’ve read some of your earlier posts and am stunned at all you and your family have been through. Your strength and courage are an inspiration. Sending good wishes for your continued progress.

    I’m also trying to get fit, but my lack of fitness is due to poor motivation. Hubby and I are talking about joining a gym. I guess there should be more doing than talking. 🙂

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks a lot on these great words.
      Yes this is great way of starting new day 🙂
      About my past, I would like to change it but it is not possible, so this is new me and I’m good with it
      about gym – It is good but it is better when it is combined with good food 🙂
      Best regards

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