Good Way to Reach Your Goal

Or at least it was, and is good way for me ;).

Wheneever I had some goal to reach, I reached it. How?

Ok, it is good question. I faund out that positive attitude is very, important in reaching your goals.

I wanted to walk, again, I wanted to be fit, I wanted to be successful, and I wanted….

I wanted a lot of things. I want a lot of things.

And many of these I succeded.

When walking was my goal, I didn’t say “poor me i can’t walk”, or “I don’t want to be in bad for rest of my life”.

I said ” I want to walk again”. Just that. Without complicating things. And I gave my best to reach that goal.

I was focused. I was determined. And I forgot pain and the other barriers :).

I learned on that goal, so I’m trying to follow these steps for other goals that I have: Financial stability, loose weight, nice marriage, and other wishes and goals that I want to reach.

Yes, for some goals you need much effort, but it is worth it.

Best regards



2 thoughts on “Good Way to Reach Your Goal

  1. You are so right! It’s easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves but it doesn’t get us anywhere or help us achieve our goals in any way! Good luck battling your demons! I’m fighting mine!

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