Why I Like Walking in The Nature

I like walking in the nature because I feel much better there.
I can not have HIIT workout for cardio (Accidents), a and I have easy  classic cardio trainings, like walking or light jogging.
And those kinds of cardio are much better in the mountains or the woods, then in the gym.

Also In the nature I can take my dog, and it  is much more cheerfull.

But there are some Scientific evidences why the walking in the nature is the best:

1. Fights Depression

2. Increases Creativity And Problem Solving

3. Boosts Memory

4. Eliminates Stress

5. Improves Lung Health

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

7. Increases Self-Esteem

8. Improves Heart Health

9. Increases Endurance

10. Fights ADHD

Don’t get me wrong, I like gym too!!!


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