How it started?


I always liked to eat but I was training diferent sports so I didin’t have much problems. OK, I had one.
I wanted to gain weight!!!
And be careful what you wish….

First car accident resulted with injuri of spine and spinal cord, and after second one I couldn’t do anything with my arms or legs. I couldent even move myfingersor toes.
After very good rehabilitation, Ilearnedtowalkagain, but it was very hard.
I said that I like to eat so gaining weight was very quickand my walking andprettymuch everything else in life became very hard.

Also, because of injuries,atrophy was there for my muscles.

But I thought that I am a big and strong.

And partly it was a true…. I became big and (not strong but) fat.

I was 244 lbs, with 35% of fat, and 30% of muscles.

Fat should be less then 20%.

So I wanted solution!

Other links:

Online support for weightloss and fitness: whatsup or viber +38761356379


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