Thinking about quiting…

After this first month I was thinking about qutinig the program, and didin’t have a much will to change anything.

The I told myself: “The way before program was leading into nowhere. I must Change something!”

And I changed. Started with tea and water instead of coke, eating less carbs for the lunch, and started to learn about nutrition.

I found out that it is very interesting topic so I was learning more and more. And of course I was applying on myself first.

Results came.

Second month was 12 lbs down!


And still the only workout I didi was walking. Increasing every day how much I can walk. Started with 100 meters then rest, and so 600 meters during the day, tilil 2 kilometers that months.

Everything was getting better.

Much better 🙂

Other links:

Online support for weightloss and fitness: whatsup or viber +38761356379

See products that I use:



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