Training For Biceps

No, those are not mine  🙂
I would like it but … mine is on the bottom of the text.

First to answer one question:

Why I do such big number of series and repetitions.
Repetitions go up to 10, and series…
I  had those car accidents, and I can not work with very heavy weights. So I must do what I can with these I can lift.

Biceps, is a most viewable part of man’s body, so most of the men train it. I train it too.

Workouts yasterday were with dumbells

Dumbell biceps curls:  20 x failure

Alternating dumbell biceps curls: 20 x failure

Hamer biceps curls: 20 x failure.

It is going up to 10 repetitions so first series are not till failure but are good for warming up muscles.
For warming up I use power walking

Other links:

Online support for weightloss and fitness: whatsup or viber +38761356379

biceps curls alternating1


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