Nutrition – I want to be a champ, so I eat like champ also…

When I started my journey I couldn’t workout.

It was hard even to walk long, not to do a training, but walking was done day by day. And once I said to one very fameous sports doctor who was teaching us about sports nutrition:

“Me: In begining I couldn’t do a training, and I could barely walk?

Doc: And, did you walk?

Me: yes, but slowly and easy

Doc: At that time that was very hard training for you, don’t forget that. And you add great nutrition and result was there. Nutrition is important, and training is too, but for different people level of training is different too.”

And, yes. I use Herbalife products!!!

And yes. I am Independent Herbalife distibutor

And Yes. That doesn’t mean that I can eat junk food because of that. And if I want awesome result I must take care what else do I eat, and I must do my workouts too.

I am always trying to read as much as I can about nutrition and trainings. Firstly because of me, and then because of my clients. We all have great results.

Chicken brests and broccoli
pileća prsa i brokoli

If you want to read something about fitness and nutrition you can follow goherbalife link and there you have Nutrition blog.
Those women are much better then me in their fields.

Other links:

Online support for weightloss and fitness: whatsup or viber +38761356379


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