Happy Easter

Hi girls and guys,

Tomorrow is Easter, and tomorow is one of the day when catholic, protestants (most of them) and this year same day is for ortodox people celebrate resurrection of the Jesus from the dead.

I will say Happy Easter today because tomorrow I will not post.

And tomorrow many people will forget about goals and how they want to look. Don’t forget it. Eat smart.

Egg powerhouse of nutrition
There will be a lot of eggs on the table tomorrow, and eat them. Eat the protein and the veggies in large quantities. Eggs are powerhouse of nutrition, but there will be meat, and salads. And eat that as much as you can.

Then if you can, eat some cakes.

My suggestion 😉

In short: First protein and veggies, then small amount of the carbs. It is better like that, and it can prevent any damages to your result.

Have a nice holiday with your family and friend.

And if you want to see my new Fat to Fit manual, just click here.

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