Adnan’s Result

There is one article that says “Results are the name of the game” where I put some of testemonies of my clients and, some of them now, partners.  And I mean it.

There is not such reward as seing that you helped someone with some problem that he/ she had.

This time I will talk about Adnan.

Adnan is my good friend for about 20 years.

And he had a problem. He was overweight, and because of that and his lifestyle at that moment he had high blood pressure.

Than after some times he asked me to work with him toresolve that problem.

We started our journey with healthy, active lifestyle. In the begining he wanted just nutrition, but with the time we started to train together. And he did it. He lost 42 lbs, and his blood pressure is now stabile. (Disclaimer: it is not medication and for that you must consult your MD, we are now talking about good food and healthy active lifestyle, and it can help to improve results of your therapy prescribed by your MD).

Then he won some competitions and now he looks and feels much better.

This is just one story. If you want your copy of Fat to Fit Manual, click here and follow the link!


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