Don’t Be Afraid of Carbs!!!

It is key to know the carbs, and the timing of consuming carbs, but not to avoid the carbs. I like the carbs.

And we can take carbs:

Wholegrains – in the morning and firsta part od of the day

Fruits – in the morning, and until about 6 pm.

Veggies – whole day long.

Dairy products – whole day long

But we need them. Our brain works on only on glucose. And you noticed when we are takeing to little carbs that we are nervous.

Glicogen in muscles is the complexed carb that feeds our muscles.

And a large number of proceses i our body needs fast energy.

But also, we don’t need  taking excess of carbs, because,whatever is not burned and used goes in the storage – or to be simple – in the fat.

Be smart with the carbs!

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