We “Milked” Almonds Today

And it was for the first time in my life.
And that made that day last day I will buy almond milk in supermaket I hope.
It is richer with nutrients, and you make it like you like it.
For 1 l  (35 oz) of almond milk you need
100 g of almonds (put them in 1 l  (35 oz) of water for 8 hours then take almonds and spill the water.)
Put the almonds in blender, and add water up to 1 l (35 oz)
Blend it for a 5 minutes
And then filter (if you want – I did not)

And you have your almond milk. If you didin’t filter it it is rich in fibers as well as the protein.

My Herbalife F1 chocolate shake with this milk was amazing 🙂


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