Aloe Vera and Health Benefits

Aloe vera and immunity

The long-chain polysaccharide sugars in aloe are a healing form of sugar. The white blood cells that make up our immune system operate more efficiently on certain types of nutrients such as these bitter-tasting polysaccharide sugars. These rare sugars are the same ones you may have heard about in medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and chaga—they help our immunity and fight back all forms of infection. This is further boosted by glutathione inherently present in aloe.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant important for keeping energy levels high. It plays a key role in the development of white blood cells as well as preventing damage to other cellular functions as oxidation occurs. Many body functions can be boosted by the increased production of glutathione, including immunity, recovery time, detoxification, as well as metabolism!

Aloe vera and digestion

Internally, aloe vera can balance high blood sugar, regulate a leaky gut, and ease constipation. For this reason, we should consider it as seriously as we would a conventional medicine—it really is that much of a wonder and affects the system too. Aside from these incredible healing properties, it’s also a perfect component in a summer drink for quenching, cooling, and soothing.

Aloe also may have the ability to help with leaky gut. In animal studies, scientists have found that aloe can reduce markers of inflammation in the colon, and while further research is needed, it demonstrates that it does, in fact, have anti-inflammatory properties. (Source:

I  do recommend Aloe to my clients on every program (weightloss, fitness, weightgain, musclegain) in order to improve their digestive health and immunity.
In my expirience Aloe is doing great job about this.
There are much more health benefits of aloe …

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Thank you 🙂


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