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Hi guys & girls,

I am Zlatan, and I have, in only few years, went form skinny guy, to disabled person (due to car accidents and injured spine, spinal cord, and head), then to fat guy, and at the end to the man that stand against his diagnoses and finally made it and became personal trainer. (I’ve lost 60 lbs in proccess from fat guy to PT)

If you:

Want to train, but you don’t know how…

are tired, without energy, nervous…

Drink to much coffee…

Eat to much sweets

Want to look better (gain or lose weight)

Want to feel better…

I can help you!!!

I can help you with personalized plan of nutritioun ( recepies included), personalized plan of trainings, nutrition school, and great support…, and I also can help you with this great business opportunity.

If you have questions- just ask!!!

Viber/whatsapp: +387 61 356 379

My e-mail address is zlatan.hasibovic@gmail.com

You can also follow me:

https://draganaghasibovic.goherbalife.com/Catalog/Home/Index/en-US  (Shop products if in US)




Or join me on

https://www.myherbalife.com/ (you can select your country and language in upper right corner)




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